Cashew Cacao Truffles GF,DF

Prep Time:

25 minutes

Cooking Time:

60 minutes


6 people


1 cup shredded coconut
2 cups cashews
2/3 cup cacao powder*
1/2 tsp Celtic or Himalayan salt
1/2 cup coconut nectar or palm sugar (I prefer nectar in this recipe)
2 Tbsp coconut oil


  1. In a bowl or plate, pour the shredded coconut.
  2. Place the cashews in a food processor and process until finely ground.
  3. In a large bowl, mix the ground cashews, cacao powder and salt. Stir the coconut nectar and coconut oil into the cashew mixture until thoroughly combined.
  4. Form into balls (about the size of a large grape) and then roll the balls in the shredded coconut.
  5. Refrigerate for four hours or freeze for about an hour until firm. Enjoy!


You can substitute any nut for the cashews and substitute any nut or cacao nibs for the coconut. In fact, get even more creative and use your favorite seeds instead of the nuts or add a dash of lemon or orange peel for a citrus twist.

*Cacao powder is preferred, but you can substitute cocoa powder if it is easier to find.